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I wrote to you the other day about the ERTC Fund Program that your business probably qualifies for.

You potentially have a nice check waiting for you, because of the Covid-19 Relief that the Government is making

available to businesses who paid out W-2 Employee Wages during 2020 – 2021.

You could potentially get back up to $33,000 PER EMPLOYEE from this Government program. This is NOT a

loan, but money your business qualifies for, if your business met certain criteria.

Having friends that own businesses, I know that your business most likely qualifies. Even if you already

applied and received the PPP Funding, you now probably also qualify for additional money under the ERTC Fund Program. So, what are you waiting for?

Go to this website and take a few minutes to fill out the simple Initial Inquiry Intake Form to see if your business qualifies.


There is no obligation on your part, this just lets you find out from the expert ERTC Accounting Specialists I

am recommending, who will tell you how much money you can actually qualify for.

If you missed the email I sent to you the other day, then just scroll down and you can read it and learn all

about this Government program and how I am pretty sure your business qualifies for these credits.

Keep me posted on your progress, I love hearing success stories.

To your business’s success. Sincerely,

Denny Hemlin