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Chapter 2213 - Swallowing the Nebula thick blue

As the light through the sword will included the nebula, the radiance from the sword will around Ye Wuchen’s body also started to be happier and better. His entire body was trembling a little, and in some cases his soul was beginning to tremble, but he noticed that this conclusion which he and Ye Futian had picked was the best one. Right after comprehending the several sword wills hidden within the nebula, they desired to use this strategy to fully comprehend the sword facts within the nebula. But when these folks were the least bit clumsy in this way, they would shell out a large price tag.

Ye Futian as well as the relaxation were still heavy in cultivation, and time continued to tick by slowly. Without one noticing it, that they had recently been within this express of comprehension for several days. But mainly because they ended up strong inside their farming, they didn’t sense it in anyway. A couple of days believed just like the blink connected with an eyesight to the people at their degree of farming. One particular period of comprehension could take several days, or it might even acquire a few months.



“Why don’t we head over to other locations to possess a appearance initial?” Dou Zhao broke his silence.

As the radiance out of the sword will protected the nebula, the glow on the sword will around Ye Wuchen’s system also became richer and brighter. His physique was trembling a little bit, and also his soul was commencing to tremble, but he observed that this selection that he and Ye Futian got preferred was the correct one. Following comprehending the many sword wills secret around the nebula, they planned to make use of this approach to fully comprehend the sword fact within the nebula. However if these were the slightest touch foolhardy in this way, they might pay off a hefty value.

As soon as the other people saw this picture, they looked surprised. They observed as Ye Wuchen’s impression journeyed to the nebula. Then, numerous levels of sword will appeared, going along with the sword will throughout the nebula.

With this, the group started to separate and walk towards other locations. But Fang Gai and Sightless Tie up continued to be by Ye Futian’s aspect. Fang Gai murmured to Fang Huan, “Why don’t you are going check out areas on top of that?”

As being the glow through the sword will included the nebula, the light of your sword will around Ye Wuchen’s body system also has become much brighter and happier. His body system was trembling marginally, and in many cases his heart and soul was start to tremble, but he felt the conclusion that he or she and Ye Futian possessed preferred was the right one. Following comprehending various sword wills concealed in the nebula, they wished to make use of this method to fully know the sword fact inside of the nebula. However, when they had been the slightest touch clumsy in this way, they will spend a significant cost.

All at once, Ye Futian set his sight over the nebula as he comprehended each sets of sword will inside the nebula.

Swordmaster of Lihen and Yaya plus the sleep were definitely all gazing rather anxiously at Ye Wuchen. This course of action of theirs was obviously a minor ridiculous, although the two of them experienced really eliminated ahead by using it.

Once More A Family


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Even if he was position there, in truth, he noticed like he was standing up around the nebula. The sword will surged towards him and perished him. It was like he was comprehending the whole thing by him or her self.

The glow wrapped itself around Ye Wuchen immediately, but it surely did not take him up. To the contrary, the huge number of lighting went directly into his human body. The divine light-weight from Ye Wuchen burst forth in to the range, lights in the whole starry measurement as a effective sword will blasted from within him.

At that moment, Ye Futian shattered from that manner. He needed a deep air and appeared out for the relax galaxy of celebrities in front of him. The actual sensation he experienced well before disappeared. But he realized until this nebula wasn’t normal, and also it maintained an astonis.h.i.+ng degree of swordsmans.h.i.+p within alone.

Right then, Ye Futian broke from that function. He needed an in-depth breath and appeared out within the relax galaxy of superstars in front of him. The actual sensation he acquired prior to disappeared. But he understood this nebula wasn’t standard, plus it moved an astonis.h.i.+ng volume of swordsmans.h.i.+p within itself.

And today, Ye Wuchen was another person who dared to work with a real method. There seemed to be only one objective in carrying out such a thing: to swallow inside the full nebula. Which has been a very ambitious thing to do.

Chapter 2213: Swallowing the Nebula

Ye Futian employed his divine awareness to pa.s.s almost everything he got comprehended to Ye Wuchen. Next, they continuing to process this, additionally they understood more and more about swordsmans.h.i.+p. Every time they realized far more, they noticed diverse.

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And today, Ye Wuchen was another man or woman who dared to work with this kind of technique. There had been only 1 plan in performing such a thing: to consume up the complete nebula. Which was a very committed thing to do.

This false impression was extremely distinct and exuded an impossibly powerful sword will. And then, it going towards that tremendous and borderless nebula.

“Alright.” Ye Wuchen ceased all formalities. He believed that Ye Futian desired to support him to understand this nebula. Ye Futian’s cultivation methods have been already extremely powerful in fact, so despite adding Ziwei the Great’s sword approach, it could not assist him mature quite definitely more powerful.

Several sight ended up now fixed on Ye Wuchen’s human body. Just then, an outstanding light-weight exploded from Ye Wuchen’s entire body. The divine light of the sword will was beautiful that anyone could good sense an amazing aura. While doing so, the sword will that included the nebula also erupted by having an equally beautiful shine, also it begun to intertwine while using nebula carefully.

As soon as the other folks saw this scenario, they checked shocked. They seen as Ye Wuchen’s optical illusion journeyed within the nebula. Then, countless numbers of sword will showed up, sweeping using the sword will throughout the nebula.

The Black-Sealed Letter

Right after Ye Wuchen complete communicating, his body whooshed by since he journeyed toward strategy the river of swords. He walked directly to the advantage in the nebula, then an unbelievable and frightening Great Course aura descended. Right then, a gargantuan optical illusion shown up. It was actually an illusion of Ye Wuchen.

And now, Ye Wuchen was the next individual that dared to implement a really process. There was clearly only 1 objective in carrying out such a thing: to ingest along the whole nebula. Which had been an extremely ambitious move to make.

This wasn’t just a matter of whether his personal body system could take it, but most importantly, it depended on how strong their understanding in this nebula was before.

This wasn’t just a matter of whether their own body system might take it, but moreover, it depended on how profound their understanding of this nebula was before this.

Ye Futian sensed like he could notice a divine sword of personalities stabbing towards him. The will on the Excellent Course in him exploded, enveloping his body in sparkles. It was like he had your system of a G.o.d.